Sunday, June 15, 2014

Some Ado About Triggers

My blog talks about some heavier stuff in general, but there are times when I'll need to delve into even darker things and I don't want trigger any kind of negative response in someone else who might be sensitive to that topic.

So I'm taking my cue from other forums and websites on the internet and adding trigger warnings to my blog if I am going to talk about any kind of trigger-y topic. It will look something like this;


These are for the more serious topics such as suicide. For other topics, always use your discretion.

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  1. Trigger warnings can be a good idea. I haven't used them (I'm an asshole, maybe) but I know I've appreciated them on posts where people discuss incredibly violent abuse or sexual assault. Wow-- this was a very positive and uplifting comment. Way to go, Aussa! Hope you are doing well Jane.

  2. Well, your blog tends more towards humor and we can't put warnings on everything. I just have some darker stuff to talk about coming up and don't want to catch someone off-guard.