About Me

My name is Jane Smith and I'm from Gallifrey....

not really. I am revealing a lot of VERY personal things on this blog so I won't be revealing my true identity. Also, I change names and some details in the stories I write here to protect the identities of other people.

I have tons of issues and I really just like having a place to talk about them (my therapist says I need to vent). Oh, and I have a therapist. And a psychiatrist. Because I have major depressive disorder and have had it for a very long time. I also have myofascial pain syndrome which is a fancy way of saying my muscles and connective tissues hurt and who the fuck knows why.

I curse a lot.

This blog is probably not suitable for people sensitive to cursing or who don't like hearing the details of female orgasms. I let it all out on here, fair warning. That being said, I hope you like my blog and are able to commiserate with me or at least sympathize. I am here to talk about life, the universe, and everything and hopefully to help those who've had similar experiences to realize they're not alone and the world is not that bad sometimes.


P.S. these are all original pictures taken by me. I like to photograph plants  : )

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