Thursday, April 13, 2017

Waste of Space and Time

Tonight I feel fundamentally flawed.

Having Friends.   Having a Relationship.  Success in Work.   Going Out.   Getting Married.  Having Kids.  Getting a House.

These are all things that happen to other people. I'm just one of those people who has something wrong with them and other people can see it and they avoid it, they stay away. They give each other sidelong glances when they think I'm not looking. They try to end conversations with me.

And I try so hard to be liked, it's my driving force in life. It motivates nearly every decision.

But I'm so deeply flawed I can't even find a therapist who will talk to me like I'm a normal person. They are stilted with me, condescending, treat me like I'm crazy. Treat me like I'm wasting their time.

I'm wasting their time.

wasting their time

 their time.


  1. I hope tonight is a better night. And anyone who thinks you're a waste of time, or makes you feel that way, can get eaten by all the bears I just bought on the internet.

    I'm always happy when I see you pop up in my comments. Here's to a better week *holds up glass of lukewarm water covered in fingerprints*

    1. Thanks, Aussa : ) You are the best.
      Things are getting better, I got a new job and a new therapist who actually listens and gives good advice.

      I'll toast you with my glass of OJ!

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