Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Celebrity Sex List

Since all my posts have been so negative lately (well, shit happens to me, what ya gonna do?) I thought I'd throw in something purely puffy just because and to say that I'm not upset all the time. Sometimes, I think about stuff like this;

The Celebrity Sex List

The Celebrity Sex List is the list of people you can have sex with even if you're in a relationship. Even though that really isn't me right now (When you're single, your sex list is just: 1. Everyone), I definitely know who would be on mine.

1. Benedict Cumberbatch

Well, he was just so fantastically HOT in The Hobbit;


 Couldn't resist.

But, he is hot.

I didn't see it immediately, but after a couple episodes of Sherlock something clicked for me. I think it's his smile and how he lights up when he's acting. You just have to see him work, I think. Also, word on the internet is that he's a fantastic guy, a feminist, and a soft kisser (Molly's own words);


2. Colin Morgan

He's more than just the skinny boy who started out on Merlin. I think I may have a think for unconventionally attractive European actors who play characters with supernatural abilities? In any case, yes to Colin : )

3. Aaron Taylor Johnson

I usually tend to go for smart, more handsome guys. But this guy I put on this list for one reason only and that is one of the last scenes in Kick-Ass 2 where he is all buff and doing one-arm pull-ups, Oh  my  God.

4. David Tennant

Um, well, he's the Doctor. 

And, his love story with Rose Tyler will always be one of my favorites. It's actually the reason that I got into watching Doctor Who.

5. Catherine Zeta-Jones

I've always had a celebrity crush on this lady. She is so classy and sophisticated, yet totally sexy. I may never have completely swung that way but I'm confident I would for Catherine.

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