Sunday, March 2, 2014

Dear Universe, I Have an Announcement

Yea, so I have an announcement.
Here it is; I don't actually have depression. It's more complicated than that. I actually have (scroll);





Bipolar Disorder














To be continued...

 (once I understand more of what is going on)


  1. Hey you-- this is intense. A change in diagnosis? Waiting to hear how you're doing.

    PS you're kind of hilarious for doing this announcement with those images.

    1. Yea, it's been a strange few weeks. It might be awhile before I can put my thoughts together on it and post more. The road's a bit bumpy but I'm still going. I wish my graphics had turned out better, though, I might be able to improve them later. It would be cool if I could put music to this post as well, either something very regal and pompous or perhaps Ride of the Valkyries?