Sunday, January 26, 2014

You Know it’s Cold When…

     It’s cold as frozen shit here in the American Midwest and it doesn’t seem quite fair. Especially when comparing temps with other ‘classically cold’ places;

Temperatures this Monday;

Anchorage, Alaska: Hi 41⁰F   Lo 35⁰F
Moscow, Russia:     Hi 12⁰F    Lo -6⁰F
The North Pole:       Hi 29⁰F    Lo 15⁰F
Me:                            Hi 2⁰F      Lo -15⁰F

     At least it will be colder at the South Pole with a high of -30⁰F and a low of -33⁰F but that’s really not that comforting. Good luck, everyone, and I'll leave you with my list of the top ten You Know it's Cold When...

10.  You’ve turned the heat on as high as it can go.

9.  You take showers to stay warm, not to get clean.

8.  You stop shaving your legs because you need that extra hair to stay warm.

7.  Given a choice between a smoothie and bland hot cereal for breakfast, you choose the cereal and are really excited about it!

6.   You stop doing the dishes and cooking because it’s too cold to be in the kitchen.

5.  You have to seal up your a/c unit to keep from freezing inside your own home.

4.  You start to think of 10⁰F as a lovely, warm day.

3.  You have to rush out and buy a space heater as a matter of safety.

2.  You pile all the blankets on your bed, make a nest and proceed to hibernate like a bear (including bringing snacks).

1. Your cats join you.

my sealed-in a/c


  1. Aaahhhh I live for my space heater and yep-- about ten hot showers a day. This winter is the worst!

    1. don't I know it, Aussa! I just bought ANOTHER space heater today for our next round of snow!

  2. I hate to admit this, but I am doing some of those things and I live in Florida where it was only in the 30s. But to be fair, I am a complete wuss. I hope it warms up for you soon!

    1. oh no! Florida is supposed to stay perpetually warm so that those of us up north have somewhere to escape to!