Thursday, November 14, 2013

Fit & Fabulous: September/October Update

Days dieted
Days exercised
Weight change
+1.2 lb.
-1 lb.

Sept/Oct were tough, I was not doing well at all with my diet/exercise plan. I’m grieving, stressed, depressed, and slightly rejected. You may have noticed my lack of posts lately and it’s just that I haven’t felt up to it much. I’ve still been writing some, but editing and declaring things ready to post have been impossible. So this will be a quick update and an overview of the new tweaks to my diet and exercise program.

            Since I made my last tweaks to my plan I’ve slipped off the bandwagon more often. The biggest tweak was to make it a goal to follow my plan every day except for the one maintenance day a week and 4 PMS days a month (where anything goes). For some reason if I say to myself; “I’m going to record my food everyday” I end up recording 0 days. I think I’m going to try recording/dieting just Monday-Thursday. It’s easier for me to do during the week and I really just never keep track on the weekends. So Friday-Sunday I’ll watch my portion sizes and try to eat healthy but not worry about exactly how many calories/servings I’ve eaten. And if I snack a little more, oh well, I’ll just try not to go overboard. If I get myself exactly what I’m craving, I find that I don’t need to eat as much of it. If I try to replace it with something healthier or not really the thing that I’m craving, I tend to eat more of it and even look for more food after that. So if I just nip that in the bud and get the food I want, I’ll be less likely to binge.

            Also, previously it’s been my thinking that I’ll just do the amount of dieting and exercise that I think I can handle and see how much weight loss results from that and hopefully it fits with my goals. No more. I went on WebMD and used their fitness goal calculators to find how much I should eat and exercise to reach my goal of 143lbs.

            WebMD told me that I could be 156lbs by Jan 1st and 143lbs by next May if I limit my food intake to 1518 calories a day, exercise off 188 calories per day, and drink 64oz of water a day. I looked at my diet plan and I’m already limiting my calories to about 1500 and my planned exercise is over 188 calories a day (averaged over the week). So if I stick to my diet and exercise plan that I have already, I should reach my goal before the date WebMD tells me I will. So if I plan to only diet M-Th, but I’m exercising a little more than I would need to, I should be able to offset any extra calories I consume F-Sun.

            I’m also going to do some different rewards like some small badges for short-term goals;

(pt stands for physical therapy)

            And some stuff I can look forward to for longer-term goals. Such as getting a copy of Allie Brosh’s book (from Hyperbole and a Half) once I lose another 10lbs (I’ll be at 162lbs). I love Allie’s blog and I’d really like to read this book so I think it will be excellent motivation to stick to my plan.


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