Monday, August 19, 2013

Kissing Toads: Boxers or Briefs?

     On men, btw. The answer is boxer-briefs. Let me take this opportunity to sincerely thank whoever invented these, because they are sexy as hell. So, I guess this post is going to be about the guy I just met and it went so well that I know what kind of underwear he wears…  : )  I met Kato on (his name’s not actually Kato, I’m just calling him that for anonymity, etc., and I really liked the Pink Panther movies) and we’ve been on 4 dates now. No sex yet, actually, but things got a little interesting on the third date. 

     I’m not usually one to move so fast on dates but Kato and I have just clicked. The first thing I noticed was his hair which is a touch on the longer side, a very dark brown, thick and a little wavy. I walked into the restaurant on our first date, not really thinking he’d be there yet since the waiter had told me there weren’t any men waiting on a lady-friend to show up. Then I noticed this guy sitting alone with his dark wavy hair, and he turned to look at me and his face just lit up with the best smile ever. A big, bright, honest smile that put me at ease.  As we talked the other thing I noticed was he has the most expressive face; it’s fascinating just to watch him talk and he has a way with words. I’ve always had a thing for words (and a thing for writers), and it turns out he writes fantasy stories and is working on his own blog. Yay! 

     Anyway, he’s super geeky, has a giant computer he built himself with the clear side-panel, wants to dress up at a renaissance fair, has posters and pictures of people/things he finds meaningful instead of just sports illustrated models on his walls, and he smells very nice. I’m totally going to get him to dress as Will Riker from TNG (I’ll be counselor troy) at a convention someday… It’ll be sweet.

     If it all works out, of course. We’ll be on date 5 tonight : ) and I know I shouldn’t be looking ahead too much. We’re not even technically ‘in a relationship’ yet and I’ve decided not to worry about that until the three month mark. I just haven’t been this interested in a guy in oh, 5 ½ years?? I was kind of into the last guy I dated but we didn’t make it past date 3 and definitely no monkey business. He knocked the first date out of the park and took me to a musical rendition of ‘Young Frankenstein’ which was simply fantastic. But then he got distant and finally just said he didn’t want to see me again. Oh well. He was a fun date but there wasn’t any chemistry. 

     So I guess is working out pretty well for me. Apparently, I pay a little less since I’m a woman, I’ve been meeting a higher quality of men than on the non-paid sites (no men have asked me to be their mistress or gotten completely pissed at me for saying ‘no second date, sorry’), and now I’ve met a guy that I’m actually excited about. 

     I made the decision to get on match because of the aforementioned crappy guys on unpaid sites and because after the last time I got so worked up over my ex. I decided its past time to start dating again. Even if I don’t meet anyone I just need to get out there and I definitely need to get laid. It was bad. I was horny as hell but whenever I thought about sex I thought about my ex because he was the only one to ever give me good sex. But now, I’m thinking about Kato and what it would be like with him and I think it’s going to be great if a little awkward at first.

     So, just because I like charts and metrics, etc., here are my match numbers so far;

Member for almost two months
Profile viewed 855 times
Received 16 emails, Sent 20 emails

That’s all for today, folks


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